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Ola Fresh

Protect Your Personal Hollywood Smile With Ola Fresh

We’re dedicated to providing California residents with top-tier care for their dental appliances. No matter where you’re from, maintaining good oral health is crucial to preventing common dental issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Our concentrated denture cleaner is formulated to address the challenges of keeping dental appliances such as retainers, dentures, and aligner trays pristine and hygienic. And, for those inspired by the sparkling white teeth of California celebs, Ola Fresh can help you keep your grin radiant and healthy.

Dental appliance cleaner

The Power of Professional Strength Cleaning

Removable dental appliances need more than daily rinsing—plaque buildup and other deposits can lead to appliance deterioration and serious oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Ola Fresh’s formula is designed to remove plaque and biofilm, eliminate odor and lift stains. With daily cleaning, you can keep full dentures, flexible partials, night guards, and other devices in top condition.

Easy Online Ordering and Shipping to California

It’s easy to buy a 3, 6, or 12-month supply of Ola Fresh denture cleaner online. Choose the package that suits your needs and enjoy having your dental care essentials delivered directly to your CA home.

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Short Time Freshness
3 Month Supply
Ola Fresh Dental Appliance Cleanser 3 Month Supply
Good Time Freshness
6 Month Supply
Ola Fresh Dental Appliance Cleanser 6 Month Supply
Long Time Freshness
1 Year Supply
1 Year Supply of Ola Fresh Dental Appliance Cleanser

Bundle and save!

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it—see for yourself what our customers have to say! Sharing real feedback from real people is one of the best ways to show just how effective our denture cleaner really is.

We Want to Partner With Your California Dental Practice

Are you offering a dental appliance cleaner for patients with retainers, aligners, nightguards, or dentures? Take your patient care to the next level by partnering with us. We’re eager to collaborate with dental clinics across California, providing Ola Fresh samples and wholesale pricing to enhance patient satisfaction and hygiene. If you have a dental practice, contact us to learn more about how becoming a distributor or partner can improve your care offerings and make your patients even happier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ola Fresh safe for all types of ortho appliances?

Yes, OlaFresh dental appliance cleaner is safe and effective for cleaning aligners, dentures, retainers, and more. For detailed usage instructions, visit our How It Works page.

How does Ola Fresh Appliance Cleaner work?

To use Ola Fresh, simply dissolve the soak powder with water, submerge your dental appliance for the recommended time, then rinse and dry. This process helps remove debris and biofilm effectively.

How often should I use Ola Fresh?

We recommend using Ola Fresh aligner cleaner daily to ensure your dental appliances remain clean and free from harmful buildup. See our Quick Guide for more tips.

Where can I find more information or get in touch with the company?

To contact us directly or get more information not found on our website, use our online contact form or email us at We’re here to help!

Discover the Ola Fresh Difference

Experience the comfort and confidence of perfectly clean dental appliances with Ola Fresh. Our solution effectively manages the hygiene of various dental devices, including Invisalign aligners and oral guards for teeth grinding, keeping them fresh and protecting your oral hygiene. Unlike other brands, Ola Fresh is formulated without any unnecessary fillers, ensuring a potent yet gentle cleaning solution that effectively maintains the hygiene of your dental appliances.

Order your first supply from our online store today and find out why it’s recommended by dentists for a brighter, healthier smile.