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Ola Fresh

Our Story

Ola Fresh is a unique cleaning solution for dentures, mouth guards, retainers, aligners and other dental appliances. Ola Fresh is a safe, effective oral appliance cleaner that lifts stains, removes plaque and debris, and prevents microbial growth.

We aim to enhance the daily denture cleaning experience by providing a top-quality, easy-to-use product you can trust to clean your dentures.

Our Story

Ola Fresh was born when we saw a need for safer, more effective cleaning products for dental appliances. To improve the experiences of both dentists and their patients, we worked hard to develop our flagship product: Ola Fresh.

Our natural denture cleaner powder is tough on stains and residues but gentle on oral tissues and appliances. Thanks to diligent work and positive customer feedback, what started as a simple idea has grown into a trusted denture care brand.

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Mission & Values

Our mission is clear: ensure customer satisfaction, promote oral health, and use effective, natural ingredients. We believe everyone deserves access to good dental care, including denture cleaning products. Ola Fresh is designed to be safe for regular use, improving daily hygiene for aligner wearers, denture wearers and everyone in between.

The Ola Fresh Difference

Here’s what sets our dental appliance cleaner apart:

  • Gentle ingredients: The formula keeps clear aligners, retainers, night guards and other devices clean and fresh without the harshness of certain chemicals and home remedies.
  • Ease of use: Ola Fresh is faster and simpler than competing cleaning tablets and ultrasonic cleaners. Simply mix, lightly brush and soak.
  • Proven effectiveness: Testing shows that Ola Fresh’s professional cleaning power removes tough stains from nearly all kinds of oral appliances.
  • Dentist support: Our cleaning solution for dentures is backed by experienced professionals and recommended to everyone from aligner wearers to people with partials.

Our Team

We are passionate about innovation and oral health. With over 20 years of dental experience specializing in removable dental appliances, we strive to improve the experience of keeping devices like retainers and night guards clean.

Our entire team is dedicated to improving dentist and patient experiences. From customer service to research and development, everyone is committed to making it easier to clean your dentures or other devices.

We’re Dedicated to Our Customers and Communities

For 15+ years, Ola Fresh cleaning solution has received consistently positive reviews. We value your feedback and continuously improve our denture cleaner based on your input.

We are actively engaged in community support. We dedicate 5% of our gross sales to the Ola Fresh Charity Fund, Share a Wave, which helps educate and provide dental care to underserved communities. We also participate in TCS, Inc.’s Together We Smile initiative, volunteering and donating products to bring oral care to remote international areas.

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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Join Our Mission for a Healthier Smile

Join us in the journey toward healthy, bright smiles with Ola Fresh. With your help, we can refine our products and work to better meet the needs of dentists and dental appliance users.

To learn more or get involved, get in touch with us or follow us on social media.