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Ola Fresh


Ola Fresh denture cleansing solution is a powerful daily cleaner that helps full dentures and partial dentures stay clean and beautiful. Thorough cleaning and maintenance are important to both oral health and the longevity of the dentures. Ola Fresh is easy to prepare and use, which is ideal for older individuals with physical limitations and busy schedules.

Ola Fresh powder is mixed with water to create a denture cleaning solution. The loose powder form allows it to easily dissolve, working faster than a typical dissolving tablet cleaner. The solution effectively removes denture stains, biofilm and residue, leaving them clean, white, and in good condition.

While some denture cleaning products may use abrasive cleaning materials and harsh ingredients, Ola Fresh denture-soaking solution protects the surfaces of dentures, which are made from softer materials than natural teeth. A gentle brush can remove debris, but even standard brushing with toothpaste can be too harsh for full or partial dentures.

Ola Fresh is also simpler than an ultrasonic denture cleaner. The gentle ingredients remove plaque buildup and lift tough stains without extra technology, saving you money, effort, and cleaning time.

The Benefits of Using Ola Fresh Denture Cleansing Solution

Ola Fresh offers benefits like:

  • Improved oral hygiene: Regular sanitizing helps maintain good overall oral health, including healthy gums.
  • Enhanced denture comfort: Removing debris and preventing damage helps dentures fit right and feel good.
  • Fresher breath: Ola Fresh eliminates the biofilm and food debris that can cause denture odor and bad breath.
  • Longer appliance lifespan: Preventing stains and damage means you can wear your removable dentures longer before having to replace them.
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How to Use Ola Fresh Denture Cleaner

Here’s how to use Ola Fresh for the best results:

  1. Empty a packet of Ola Fresh into a cup of lukewarm water (the easy-open pouch is perfect for those with arthritis and dexterity issues). Wait 3 minutes for the powder to dissolve.
  2. Gently use a soft-bristled brush to dislodge any debris. Do not scrub or use toothpaste.
  3. Submerge and soak dentures for up to 30 minutes (once per day).
  4. Rinse dentures under water thoroughly before placing them back in your mouth.
  5. You can keep unworn clean dentures in a glass of water or Ola Fresh, as the solution is a safe overnight cleanser.

Properly used, Ola Fresh is an effective solution recommended by dentists for easy oral health care.

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Get the Right Supply for Your Needs

Get Ola Fresh denture cleansing solution in a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month supply.

Short Time Freshness
3 Month Supply
Good Time Freshness
6 Month Supply
Long Time Freshness
1 Year Supply

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Tips for Maintaining Clean, Comfortable Dentures

To keep your teeth in top shape:

  • Soak your dentures daily to prevent coffee, tea, and other food stains before they take hold.
  • Never use boiling water to sanitize your dentures, as it may warp them and make them ill-fitting.
  • Plaque buildup should only be gently dislodged with a small, soft brush before soaking.
  • Odors are best prevented by daily cleansing. Don’t try to remove them with baking soda, as this can be abrasive.

Try Ola Fresh Daily Cleanser Today

With powerful stain removal, gentle ingredients and easy preparation, Ola Fresh offers a healthier, more comfortable denture cleansing experience. Find the right supply for you today, or contact us with questions or concerns.