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Ola Fresh

Dental Appliances

Keep your Dental Appliances Retainer Aligner Dentures Nightguard Mouthguard Sportsguard clean with Ola Fresh

Ola Fresh is a professional-strength, powerful cleaner that’s both safe and effective. Regular device cleaning is crucial to removing buildup and protecting your daily hygiene and long-term oral health. Unlike some other methods and denture cleansers, Ola Fresh cleaning powder is compatible with a wide range of dental appliances, removing debris and biofilm without damage.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Orthodontic Appliance

To help keep your oral appliance and oral health in good condition:

  • Don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners or tools. Use only a soft-bristled toothbrush and a soak cleanser with a gentle cleaning formula.
  • Follow both your dentist’s instructions, dental appliance kit information and denture solution guidelines to prevent accidental damage.
  • Don’t boil your appliance. This can warp and damage your device.
  • If it will be in a case, make sure it is fully dry before storage.
Dental Patient
Dental Appliance Cleaner

Dentures (Full and Partial)

After some or all of a person’s teeth are removed, they may choose to wear dentures to replace them. These realistic prosthetics allow people to eat, smile, and speak normally without permanent implants. Dentures face the same kinds of debris and exposure as natural teeth, so regular dental care is important. Learn how to clean your dentures in our helpful guide.

teeth retainer


A retainer is a removable dental appliance that helps keep teeth aligned after braces. They are custom-made to fit the mouth, featuring a plastic base and a metal wire that sits around the teeth. Cleaning is important to removing debris and biofilm and protecting the life of the retainer. Use our cleaning guide to prevent your retainer from becoming an unhygienic dental appliance.

teeth aligner


An aligner is a custom-molded device that fits over the teeth. This is commonly a clear aligner, making it a popular “invisible” alternative to braces. Because they encase the teeth, cleaning is important to protecting against decay and damage. Learn how to care for teeth aligners with our guide.

night guard

Night Guards/Mouthguards

Mouthguards, or night guards, are soft plastic devices that cover the teeth and prevent damage from teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. Like aligners, mouth guards encase the teeth, making it especially important to remove debris and build-up before use. See our night guard cleaning guide for maintenance information.


Sports Mouthguards

A sports guard is a foam mouthguard that an athlete wears during a contact sport, when their mouth may be at risk of impact. This soft removable appliance helps absorb any hits and protect the teeth from major damage. The foam material of a sports guard is porous, which can foster microorganisms if not maintained diligently. Learn how to keep a sports guard clean with our helpful guide.

Professional and Reliable Cleaning From Home

Ola Fresh denture cleaner is available in a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month supply, depending on your needs.

Ola Fresh dental appliance cleaner offers reliable cleansing power that’s gentle enough for daily soaking. By adding it to your removable orthodontic appliance care routine, you can boost your dental hygiene, protect your teeth and prevent infectious diseases. Shop our products today to experience the many benefits of Ola Fresh cleansing solution for yourself.

Short Time Freshness
3 Month Supply
Fresh 3 Month Supply Dental Appliance Cleanser
Good Time Freshness
6 Month Supply
6 Month Supply Dental Appliance Cleanser
Long Time Freshness
1 Year Supply
6 Month Supply Box

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