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Ola Fresh

We are obsessed with
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Ola Fresh comes from a long line of dental industry professionals that runs three generations deep. Many could say our family is obsessed with making people smile.

Through our involvement in the industry, specializing in removable dental appliances, we discovered that proper care for dental appliances is often neglected due to a lack of information and professional strength products.

We felt it was our duty to create a dental appliance cleanser that offers quick and effective at-home professional results to easily maintain dental appliances and keep smiles healthy and bright.

Our mission is to develop dental appliance cleansing solutions
that are safe, effective, versatile, and most importantly [FUN]ctional 

Ola For All

As we set out to create Ola Fresh, our testing proved that with proper soaking times, our dental appliance cleanser removes the toughest stains on virtually all types of removable appliances. Making it one of the most versatile dental appliance cleansers on the market.

before and after cleaning dentures

Ola Fresh
Share A Wave
Charity Fund

We are committed to giving back!

We wanted to create a brand honest enough to inform you about the important role a dental appliance cleanser has on your oral health, yet friendly enough to support you on your dental journey. 

We believe everyone should have access to services and education that enhance their smile. That’s why we are committed to creating waves of freshness! We do this not only through our products but also with our time and resources.
5% of Ola Fresh’s gross sales is dedicated to the Ola Fresh Charity Fund, Share a Wave.

The Ola Fresh Share A Wave Fund selects an organization that is committed to reaching and educating communities in need of dental care.

In addition to the Ola Fresh Charity Fund, we also partner with TCS, Inc.’s Together We Smile charitable events by volunteering and donating Ola Fresh products to people in need of oral care in remote areas internationally. 

Thank you for including Ola Fresh in your daily oral care routine.

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